This page should be consider almost abandoware.

It's been a really long time the last time I updated this website (feelis like 10years). So please you can pretty much ignore this website and check my current coming soon page and even subscribe if you are interested :)

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Freelance web developer

He is based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He has always been interested in programming. He started very early! At sixteen he did several HTML, CSS and JS courses, and his first HTML projects were on Windows 98!.

Today, he is an experienced professional who loves his job. He likes to think that his personal stamp is the perfectionism and the excellent quality of his works.

Restless mind

He does a lot of other stuff too. He has fun reading, doing yoga, taking photos, working on personal projects, gaming and teaching Hypnosis and NPL in talks and courses.

He likes to show himself as a straightforward person. So, if you are interested in continuing reading about him, you can visit his blog and read opinion articles, tricks and advice on all the stuff he cares about (but at the moment it’s only available in Spanish).

What can Gonzalo do for you?

If you need extra support for your agency or you have a cool project to do, he is the guy you’re looking for. He can help you working hard to make your ideas come to reality.

Do you have a great idea but you don't know which technology you should use for your project? Gonzalo can study your project and advise you about your best option.

Do you want to engage your users? You should use gamification mechanics to inspire your visitants to love your page! Gonzalo can analyze your project and help you during the planning process to make your project stand out.

Specialized in Hubspot, he can make your designs come to life. He has a lot of expertise working on it so he can do any special designs you might have to engage your visitors. Gonzalo has the official developer certificate.


Do you have a personal, custom project? He can build it with CodeIgniter framework. It is a great, fast and light framework to bring your projects to life.


Everyone knows what Wordpress can do for you. Gonzalo can build your theme or plugins with the best SEO friendly technology and with all the features that you may need.


Who has trusted him ?


Platinum hubSpot partner Platinum hubSpot partner
Diamond Hubspot partner based on Belgium
Inbound Emotion Logo Inbound Emotion Logo
Hubspot partner based on Spain
Puedes más marketing Logo Puedes más marketing Logo
Marketing agency based on Spain
Yeast Logo
Marketing agency based on Spain

Startups and small companies

Kaw Logo Kaw Logo
Startup ecommerce based on Spain.
Ibiza Dreamers Logo ibiza Dreamers Logo
Startup social network based on Ibiza, Spain.
YupHome Logo Yeast Logo
Startup real state based on Spain
Test de Grado Logo Test de Grado Logo
Startup social network based on Spain.

Contact info

Gonzalo usually answers emails within 24/48h. if you prefer you can call him to +44 07 413 237 257.

If you are near to Córdoba (Spain), you are welcome to talk about your project over a cup of coffee (or tee if you prefer) .

Do you want to talk?